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Bill's new CD, "Back In The Ol' Days", is a wonderful mix of memories,
as he demonstrates that his is still the best voice to come out of the Melbourne Fifties.
Highlights include a standout version of "Endless Sleep" plus smash readings of Conway Twitty classics "Lonely Blue Boy" and "Is A Blue Bird Blue". Bill has included a nice version of  J O'Ks "I'm Counting On You" for good measure.
My personal highlight is the self-penned track "Back In The Ol' Days".
Don't let the music die ... Greg Lynch
rock historian and film producer

Billy's recent concerts include the "Class of '59 Concert", on 2nd June, starring Billy Owens, Colin Cook, Malcolm Arthur, Judy Cannon, Betty McQuade, Honey B & The Stingers, and Itchy Fingers.
as well as an appearance on "Good Morning Australia" with Malcolm Arthur, and radio interviews.
Billy's CD is available at:

Dances With Petticoats PH. 9725 5380
Rendezvous Records PH. 9563 2844
Lost in the 50's (Daylesford) PH. 53 483 557
Hound Dog's Bop Shop, West Melbourne PH. 9329 5362
Billy thanks all the above for their great support of "good time rock 'n' roll"




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